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Best App on Droidcon Eastern Europe 2013

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    See the best Tweets from your Timeline

    The best 21 out of the last 600 tweets from your own timeline. See only the good stuff from the people or brands you follow. You can even see what your friends are retweeting.

  • Feature 2 front screenshot

    Retweet or Fav the ones you love

    It's easy as pie. Just tap the tweet and select an option.

  • Feature 3 front screenshot

    Hide spammy users

    Don't want a specific account to show in the list? Just hide the user. Don't worry, you can add them back later if you change your mind.

  • Feature 4 front screenshot

    Have a kick ass widget

    Why open the app, you can read the best tweets right on your homescreen.

  • Feature 5 front screenshot

    A useless button

    We don't know why it's there, but now it's on the website too.